What is a Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A Global Content Delivery Network, or CDN for short, is a crucial tool to employ to speed up your websites loading times.

A CDN is basically a vast network of servers, spread out across the globe. These individual servers are commonly called 'End Points'. See, below the ocean are massive cables that transfer data from servers to machines all over the world. This is where the internet gets kind of low tech, in a way. Imagine you are in Berlin, Germany and your decide to visit one of your favorite news websites, which happens to be hosted on a server in New York city. When you type in www.myfavoritenewssite into your browser, it sends a signal all the way across the Atlantic to the server in question. The server then replies back to your computer, stating it is ready and willing to provide you with content. Again, this signal has to travel halfway across our wonderful planet. With the all clear given, your browser will now start requesting all the images on the homepage, the videos, the ads, the text, ... and all the while you are waiting, and waiting and waiting for seconds at a time as those ones and zeroes travel at near speed of light from machine to machine.

Wouldn't it be a lot faster if your favorite website had an office right next door to you in Germany? That is what a CDN does. In our example, the 'Master Server' in New York will distribute the heaviest assets (images, big files, etc) to dozens or even hundreds of machines all over the world. This way, when your computer comes knocking, only a small part of a web page has to be served from a far away continent. The majority of web page components are coming from end points much nearer to you.

Oh, and why does a couple of seconds matter so much? It is not just consumer satisfaction that is degraded by slow loading pages: Google uses site speed as a major ranking signal!

At BestBoys Strategic Web Development, we provide your website with a cutting edge CDN that has more than 120 end points all over the world. Even including a significant number located in China.