Turning stress into success. Our communication and collaboration philosophy.

Communication is vital in the process of teamwork. Miscommunication leads to mistakes. Lack of communication leads to stress and misperception. Overkill of communication leads to confusion and loss of control as well as information. Any and all of the above amount to a huge loss of valuable time, causing a ripple effect of delays.

Let's briefly examine email based project communication, to illustrate. Let's say, on average, each email takes:

  1. 5 minutes for you, the client, to write

  2. 3 minutes for our project manager to read

  3. 10 minutes for the requests/ tasks contained in the message to be administered into project management software, scheduled and assigned to the appropriate people

  4. 5 minutes for us to reply to your email with an update

  5. And then again 5 minutes for you  to read and acknowledge the reply, and schedule a follow up.

… ever get that feeling of spending a day talking about work, instead of doing it? But still, without communicating, how can anything ever get done the way it's supposed to? And how else can you keep track of progress when the developers you work with are not exactly in the room next door? And moreover, there needs to be record of project related conversations, their history being an important reference. Email seems reliable in providing all this. As long as the email subjects don’t get changed, that is. And nobody forgets to click ‘reply all’ and the threads don't grow too long and the world is perfect.... But we all know that even with the best of intentions, the pressure of high workloads and the human condition creates a strong demand for added resilience to project communication and progress tracking. Doing that successfully will drastically increase efficiency, eliminate stress and simply result in getting things done faster.

So let's look at channeling communication differently.

Isn't it true that reporting on development progress is very important to you as a client, but It is even more important to get this if and when you require? Instantly and on demand, instad of being briefed on things that aren't top of mind at this very moment?

Furthermore, if you are the contact person between your company and BestBoys, chances are you are getting (occasional) inquiries from other stakeholders of the project within your organization. Those people may not be directly involved, but nevertheless affected by the progress of the ongoing development efforts. They'll have specific ideas and requirements that need to be voiced and understood on our side. Subscribing people who are not directly involved to daily email updates would just crowd their inboxes. It would create information overload and actually distance those individuals from the development process. Much better would be to give people 'passive' access to the ongoing development tasks and their progress, with the option for everyone to chime in if and when they want.

Enter the BestBoys DevOps web application

From Wikipedia:

Devops is a software development and delivery process that emphasizes communication and collaboration between product management, software development, and operations professionals.

That sounds a bit abstract, but we have taken this philosophy in hand and turned it into our customer collaboration application: BestBoys DevOps. For you, as a client, it means you do not need to write emails or tickets anymore, explaining to a developer how a form or button should work. Instead, you are able to add tasks into a transparent, social network inspired application that runs on all of your devices. In BestBoys DevOps we work with our clients in teams. Speaking human language and describing tasks in terms of user experience based stories.

At any time you and your team will be able to see what is done, what needs attention (and from who), what is being worked on right now. It is also the central place where documentation, deadlines, appointments and important files are kept and made available.

To get started with DevOps, read our practical overview of how BestBoys DevOps will work for you!