Getting started with BestBoys DevOps, our client collaboration application.

BestBoys DevOps is an easy to use collaboration application.

You can use it on any device. It becomes an app when viewed on your phone, and a web application when accessed through your computer's internet browser.

Your project is a group inside of DevOps.

The two most important parts contained in project groups are:
  1. Task lists.
    These contain individual tasks which may be supplied with comments, status indications, files, and more. Tasks are assigned to the individuals responsible and it is possible to send any member of the group email notifications about them.
  2.  People from BestBoys and your organization. 
In addition to those, there is also:
  • A group calendar.
  • Direct messaging functionality for sending private messages between members.
  • A repository for sharing files.
  • Book pages that hold collaborative documentation, Wiki style.
  • Activity streams with summaries of recent activity inside the group (status changes on tasks, new tasks, etc).

The People in your Project Group

Individuals added to your project's group are not restricted to those involved directly in the management of the project. Other stakeholders in your project are able to join as well. This way, everyone can monitor progress on demand and also submit or even take on occasional tasks. Documentation or manuals are also easily accessible to everyone.
It is also possible to bundle people together in teams. Useful for sending team notifications, or assigning tasks to a group of people instead of individuals.

The Task List in your Project Group

The Task Lists and Tasks in your Project Group will overwhelm you at first, but don't worry, as we will explain.
When you view your project group's task list, you will often see a lot of technical terms that are probably very confusing. But please don't worry. Those tasks and task lists are not required for you to interact with. They do, however, give you an overview of what our development team has on their to-do list. Even though you may not exactly understand what these tasks are about, you will start to see them get added and checked off. You will see what is being worked on at the moment, what tasks are open and on hold. There are also useful summaries of the number of closed and active tasks, and if any require your attention. 
You are always free to comment on any Task in any Task List to ask for clarification.
As our collaboration progresses through time and your project starts becoming more and more alive, the categorizations will likely make more sense to you, even if you are not at all technologically inclined. Even so, if you never (want to) gain any level of understanding about these technical subjects, that is perfectly fine too. Transparency is there, if and when you need to understand the finer details of your website, webshop or web app.

There are only two Task Lists of importance.

Task List 1: Support and Feature requests.

Do you have a question on how do something? Or do you have an idea of adding something new, or changing a (small) part or behavior of your website, webshop or other application? Add a task about it this task list.

Task List 2: Bug reports.

Is your site or application giving you errors? Is it not doing what it should? Add a task about it in this list.
For help in the day-to-day use of BestBoys DevOps, please see our BestBoys DevOps FAQ section